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Philadelphia here we come <3

A constellation of stress
Scattered across the surface of my cheeks
It’s a good thing
Humility has been written in these stars
Or else
I’d be a fucking monster.

Huge Studio Sale!

I have a ton of work I want to part with. If you live in the seattle area, email me at for more information. 

Some pieces need to be on loan/can’t travel.

All work that is for sale is between $25 - $200. I have the only oil portrait I’ve ever created for sale. Lots of early work. 



It’s wild. I leave seattle in four short weeks for Philadelphia.
I’m getting nervous.
Since my studio is packed up, I’ve been focusing on “input”. Watching new movies, reading lots, and enjoying true down time.
I’ve taken up running.
My bed is on the floor.
I’m simplifying my existence.
I’ve gotten rid of over half of my wardrobe.
I had tacos 4 days in a row for dinner a few weeks ago.
I discovered a new band called “Your Rival”.
If you haven’t read the book “Cunt”, I recommend it.
The wasabi ginger lays potato chips are deadly good.
I’m scared about all the upcoming change
I’m also excited.